National Task Forces whom were selected from partner organizations to become CSR experts, were trained by national and international experts between 27th-31th of January, 2014 in Ankara, Turkey.
The purpose of this 5-day training was to create a human resource capacity within the partner Employer Organizations (EO) (Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Romania and Turkey) on CSR. These trained 20 experts of EO’s became National Task Forces (NTF) within their Organization. They were trained by both National and International Experts regarding CSR and support “Corporate Social Responsibility for All” Project in terms of: providing trainings to Formators, identifying the selection criteria for CSR Best Practices and also select the CSR best practices in their countries. In addition, NTF’s will act as facilitator/change agents through the Project. NTF’s will ensure the sustainability of the Project.  Each partner EO was expected to nominate 4 (4 staff X 5 countries=20 in total) permanent technical staff from their organizations. They received the trainings that were developed under the Project’s Capacity Building and Support Package (prepared by International Organization of Employers and includes training modules). The members of the NTS’s are expected to create their institutional feedbacks at national level regarding CSR and start acting in the area. They will also get involved in international networks already established in several international organizations as well as other regional networks and reflect their organizations point of view to these networks. They will also have the chance to bring international developments to their organizations and in the medium and long run, this knowledge will create the system of CSR policy making at EO level.
Date Added: 31 January 2014